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The Austen Everett Foundation works to empower kids in their fight against cancer through the strength and support of professional and collegiate athletic teams. 


Within the AEF Honorary Team Captain Program a kid battling cancer becomes the "Honorary Team Captain” for a day, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to benefit from the powerful support that a team environment can provide.


Through the Power of Sport, AEF is dedicated to changing the way kids fight cancer. AEF programs create incredibly dynamic and inspiring memories that captains can take with them through treatment and beyond. Together we UNITE2FIGHT.

AUSTEN'S STORY 1986-2012

Following is Austen's story, written by Austen.

I’ve spent my life playing soccer. I always figured if I died an untimely death it would be because of my rather extensive collection of concussions.

Soccer takes a toll on your body. If only you saw beneath my jersey, you’d know what I’m talking about. I’ve got horrific scars on both arms and discolored marks up and down my legs. I’ve learned how to take out my own stitches and can stay in an ice bath for 35 minutes before my lips turn blue. But Cancer was nothing like anything I had ever experienced and I’ve got the scars to prove it. My forearms are littered with track marks from countless IVs and blood tests. There’s a puckered wound in my lower back where they’ve drilled in my hip to get bone marrow samples, but the real prize is an 8 inch scar that runs down my stomach from my chest bone to my pelvis that’s a leftover from an exploratory surgery in which they removed a football-sized tumor from my abdomen.

Cancer has brought me to my knees. It has made me feel worse than I could ever imagine and has allowed me to see more beauty, truth, and triumph in a single day than many people experience in a lifetime. The question with chemo is what will the chemo kill first: the Cancer, or me? My exciting life has quickly become a nauseating routine of IV drips and doctors appointments. The sickness has been in the details, in the gruesome effects of the treatment. Cancer is a blurred sense of illness but chemo is an endless sequence of horrors until you begin to think that the cure is as bad or worse than the disease.

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Seattle Sounders FC 

Community MVP Award

Seattle Reign FC 

"Legends" Award


Seattle Reign FC

"Legends" Award

Austen Everett


Seattle Sounders FC

Golden Scarf Award

Austen Everett


University of Miami

Butler Community Service Award

Austen Everett

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