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Photo by Matt Bernanke

1. Who is eligible to be in the AEF Honorary Team Captain Program?

Individuals eligible to be an AEF Honorary Team Captain are ages 2 to 22 years old, currently in treatment for cancer, or up to 2 years in remission. 

2. What cities is AEF located?​

AEF is based in Seattle, WA. We have partnerships in 9 cities across the U.S. 


In addition to AEF’s Seattle WA headquarters, our outreach expands to 9 cities throughout the nation including Miami FL, LA / SF / Oakland and San Jose CA, Portland Or, Houston TX, and Minneapolis MN.

3. How do I nominate a captain?

If you would like to nominate a captain, please contact us here.


4. The person I want to nominate likes sports not listed on your team partners, like tennis or golf, can I still nominate them?

Yes! We do our best to accommodate with different sports that are not team based. 

5. What if the person I want to nominate doesn't like sports, should I still nominate them?

Yes! Anyone can be an AEF Honorary Team Captain and experience hope through sport.

6. Can Captains bring parents or siblings to the event?

Yes! The AEF Honorary Team Captain Program and all of AEF’s programs are for the whole family to enjoy. Cancer affects the entire family and we are proud to be #siblingstrong

7. How many tickets do we get for game day?

AEF will provide tickets for the captain and immediate family including parents or guardians and siblings. If additional tickets are needed, we will connect you with ticket information. 


8. Is parking and food included in the AEF Honorary Team Captain Program experience? 

Yes! You receive VIP treatment as an Honorary Team Captain. This includes team gear, tickets, food, and parking.  

9. What is the difference between the AEF Honorary Team Captain Program and VIP game-day experience? 

Our unique AEF Honorary Team Captain Program customized game-day experiences can include attending practice, receiving  personalized team jersey and autographed gear, locker-room visit, walk on the field or court with the team, watching warm-ups from the players bench, fan introduction while featured on the Jumbotron, calling the captains coin-toss. Families enjoy VIP game-day treatment and post event photos.

VIP game day experience includes game tickets and special on-field experiences.


Both experiences are customized and vary based on team, age of honoree and any special needs.

10. The person I want to nominate is currently in treatment and often in and out of the hospital, should I still nominate them for an experience?

Yes! Our Programs department works with the families to pick a date that works with the treatment schedules of the captains. If for any reason a family has to cancel, we will reschedule the experience. 

Have a question not listed? Email us!

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