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Made for Brave: A Journey Through Devastating Loss to Infinite Hope

Writer, Made for Brave Coach, and motivational speaker Alyssa Galios has a special place in the AEF family.

Alyssa Galios came into the fold at AEF a few months ago when she reached out with a unique story. She told us of how her daughter was named after our founder Austen Everett. We were touched by the name and her inspirational story of losing her husband at a young age to cancer and her courage to start again.

When Alyssa put out her long awaited book, Made For Brave, the AEF team was fascinated with the story-telling and intimate look into a world turned upside down by cancer. And in particular Chapter 7 where we learn how Galios' husband Nick researched Austen Everett, the goal keeper from Seattle with Lymphoma who started a nonprofit to help kids with cancer, and how he knew he wanted to name his daughter the same.

Alyssa's story telling is beautiful and inspirational and Executive Director, June says it best remarking, "More than a memoir, Made for Brave is an intimate look at life, love, heartbreak, and hope. Alyssa bravely shares her courageous journey through loss with grace, truth, and beauty. Honest and exquisitely written, this book will be a tremendous inspiration and a source of strength for anyone affected by life's greatest challenges."

We highly recommend this book for all - to those who know cancer, those who have fought through life's tumultuous moments and those who choose to persevere every day.

Proceeds from the book will go toward AEF's mission to empower kids battling cancer.

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