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Honoree Heather Returns Home to the Northwest Pacific Ballet

In late 2019, AEF had the privilege to welcome our newest team partner and share an amazing experience with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. The first honoree was not only close to the hearts of those within AEF but PNB as well.

At 3 years old, Austen Everett Foundation honoree Heather began her passion for dance at the Pacific Northwest ballet school. There she made friendships, learned ballet, and performed in productions like Midsummers Night Dream and Nutcracker. At age 12 she was close to dancing on pointe and becoming a teenager within the school and company. However, in

December of 2018 she received an acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis that would take her away from dance. That is, until this winter when Heather was honored by PNB at their Nutcracker production. For the past year Heather has fought cancer fearlessly and tirelessly and her dance company was eager to welcome her back.

When Heather and her family arrived for their AEF Honorary Team Captain Program experience, Heather could point out all the ins and outs of the building she was walked through on a daily basis. When our group was led into the kid’s dress area, Heather was immediately surrounded by her friends, showered with gifts, and was able to reconnect with the other dancers. After the backstage tour, Heather got to see the show from the best seats in the house, backstage, seeing the ballet up close and personal.

At intermission she met her idol and favorite dancer, Lesley Rausch, whom gifted her with signed pointe shoes and introduced her to the leads of the second act. Throughout the second act, Heather again watched backstage with her friend and fellow dancer and got to experience the classic play unlike anyone else.

Through her battle with cancer, Heather has been the ultimate fighter. She is eager to finish treatment and get back to what she loves most, dancing.

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