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PRESS RELEASE: Bristol-Myers Squibb Added as 2019 National Sponsor, Providing Charitable Funding to Austen Everett Foundation.


Contact: June Leahy (206.890.2383), Lauren Wyckoff (206.948.0476)

Seattle, Wash.- The Austen Everett Foundation (AEF) is proud to announce Bristol-Myers Squibb as a National Sponsor for the organization in 2019. As part of the sponsorship, Bristol-Myers Squibb will provide charitable funding to AEF that the organization intends to use to further empower children battling cancer.

The Austen Everett Foundation is a Seattle-based non-profit that empowers kids in their fight against cancer through the strength and support of athletic teams. Each child they empower receives a unique Honorary Team Captain experience with a local professional or collegiate team, with the goal of encouraging and strengthening their fight.

According to the National Institute of Health, increased community support and engagement can improve medication adherence, shorten hospital stays and increase survival rates for children in treatment for cancer. Honorary Team Captain events do just that by bringing a pediatric cancer warrior together with their favorite team or player, and by bolstering them with the cheers of that community’s sports fans.

The Austen Everett Foundation has been working to positively impact the fight of children in Seattle and around the country since 2011. Named after its founder, Austen Everett Foundation sees a direct link between the fight to excel in sports and the fight against cancer. Austen Everett, a nationally ranked goalie, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while playing for the University of Miami. Returning to the field shortly after completing chemotherapy, and with a beautiful bald head, Austen recognized the strength of her fight was due in part to the qualities she had developed as an athlete, as well as the support she received from her teammates. Understanding the intensity of a cancer fight, she founded the Austen Everett Foundation to make sure that every child could benefit from the same type of community.

Since its founding, the Austen Everett Foundation has empowered the fight of over 700 kids in the United States, partnering with over 60 professional and collegiate athletic teams in nine cities. Austen’s mother, June Leahy, continues to spread Austen’s vision around the country as Executive Director.

“There is no struggle too great, no hardship to be avoided, no effort to be wasted, when one works to win the battle against cancer”. – Austen Everett
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