You couldn’t put a bigger smile on a kid’s face!

January 30, 2018

Before I start talking about my experience as being an honorary team captain for the Huskies basketball team, I want to thank the Austen Everett Foundation for letting me represent their organization as an honorary team captain. I want to thank the Huskies basketball team for embracing me like I’ve been sweating & grinding in the gym with them.

After battling cancer since March of 2017, then beating it in July, it came back a month later, but I’m definitely winning the fight. My doctor said my cells look really good and in a month we’re going to run some scans and if everything checks out great I’ll be getting my port out. The first time I heard about AEF somebody was telling me they were talking about me to people and soon after that I was invited to the Sounders soccer practice. Ever since then they have invited me to a few events that were just amazing.

Being the honorary team captain was like the dreamland. You can’t imagine the feeling of just being on the court, field, in the trophy room, talking to the players, coaches, running through the tunnel. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be in the position I’m in. It makes me more appreciative for the things that I have and the fun things a lot of kids don’t get to do. It’s really a humbling feeling and I know I will play sports again. The best part was when David Crisp came up to me and gave me a jersey with my last name on the back. Nobody has that – it was literally the best part about the whole day. Events like these change kids’ lives. You give them hope that they can be healthy again, play sports and not only just that, but you get to take their mind off what they have to battle everyday 24/7 and just for those couple of hours you couldn’t put a bigger smile on a kid’s face.

Written for Austen Everett Foundation by Kahlel, 17

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