Levi’s Fashion Show with the San Francisco 49ers

November 20, 2017

The lights dimmed.  The audience quieted with anticipation. Then, from the darkness, a daunting shadow emerged connected to a smaller, energetic and poised figure.  Stepping into the light came a burly 49ers football player holding the hand of one of the hardest fighters, and bravest individuals, in the room, a 6-year-old cancer fighter.

In October, the Austen Everett Foundation was requested to help host a 49ers’ fashion show in Levi’s stadium.  Coming off the success of our Lululemon/iviva/Kendra Scott show in July, our San Francisco partners saw it as another great event for the Bay Area.  Honored and excited, AEF found a combination of boys and girls to strut down the cat-walk in the latest Levi’s fashion.

A dozen football players and kids owned the stage, showing off new moves and clothing, but more importantly, the confidence of their fight.  AEF can’t thank Levi’s and the 49ers enough for stepping up and creating this event for our kids.  Each cancer fighter got to keep their outfit and meet NFL players…creating memories for a lifetime.

This is a great example of our continued growth and the strength of these partnerships.  Thank you San Francisco 49ers and Levi’s for your continued support. We are looking forward to sharing this experience with more kids next year.

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